Palmetto57 offers a full Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the vehicle you purchased, you have (3) calendar days to return it.
Below are some Frequently Asked Questions:

How many days do we have to return the vehicle?
The Purchaser must return the vehicle to the same location where the vehicle was purchased within three (3) calendar days.
What condition does the vehicle need to be in?
The vehicle must have less than 150 miles over the odometer reading at the time of delivery and must be in the same condition (except allowable mileage) in which it was delivered to Purchaser. Purchaser will not be reimbursed for any money spent on the vehicle while in Purchaser's possession.
What information do I need to bring with me?
The Purchaser must return the vehicle, together with all vehicle purchase, finance, and lease transaction documents, no later than three (3) calendar days after the purchase date.
What are my options when I return my vehicle?
Depending on whether Purchaser traded in a vehicle in connection with the purchase, and whether such trade-in vehicle has not been subsequently disposed of by Seller, at Seller's option, Purchaser shall receive one of the following remedies:

A) Refund - No trade-in or trade-in not available:
If Purchaser's trade-in has been sold by Seller, Seller shall only be obligated to return the value (in cash) of the trade-in as appraised by Seller at time of the sale (as reflected on the Purchase Agreement), less any amounts due or paid by Seller to satisfy any liens or encumbrances thereon. Purchaser agrees and acknowledges that payment under this section shall be deemed to be full restoration of the consideration provided by Seller for the vehicle, which Purchaser traded toward the purchase or lease of the vehicle.

B) Refund - Return of Trade-in:
If In the event that Purchaser has traded in a motor vehicle toward the purchases or lease of the vehicle, then Seller shall return the Purchaser's trade-in, less any amounts due or paid by Seller to satisfy any liens or encumbrances thereon The amount of any return will equal: (i) The purchase price, minus (ii) the amount of any trade-in purchase price (reflected on the Purchase Agreement, (iii) plus the amount of any trade-in payoff (reflected on the Purchase Agreement or otherwise paid by Seller). If the trade-in payoff exceeds the trade-in purchase price, the purchaser must pay the difference to Seller before a vehicle will be accepted for return.
What if I financed?
If the purchaser financed any portion of the purchase price of the returned vehicle, Seller will pay the financed amount directly to the party providing such financing. Any down payment by Purchaser shall be refunded to Purchaser.
How many vehicles can I return?
The Purchaser is limited to one vehicle or one transaction or refund during any twelve month period at any ML Automotive Group owned store.
What does the Money Back Guarantee not apply to?
The money back guarantee policy shall not apply to any Purchaser who has executed a Money Back Guarantee Waiver or where the purchase price of the vehicle exceeds forty thousand dollars ($40,000.00).
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