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2017 Volkswagen Golf
2017 Volkswagen Golf Exterior Front Left View

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The Golf Hatchback is a vehicle that offers that nice balance of multiple characteristics that you want out of a car. It has four doors, so, naturally, there is enough seating room for friends or family to carpool with you. The rear hatchback liftgate on the Golf provides ample cargo capacity for handling your practical needs like carrying groceries home after shopping or beach chairs and towels to the coast for a fun afternoon in the sunshine. Meanwhile, the compact size of the Golf results in it having efficient performance capabilities that are pertinent for city or highway driving. If we are talking about the latest lineup of models in our new inventory at Palmetto57 Volkswagen in Miami, however, then we are speaking about the newest 2017 Volkswagen Golf models. Thus, in the 2017 Golf, expect to encounter interior features that represent some of the newest infotainment technologies available. Furthermore, in addition to Miami drivers, Palmetto57 Volkswagen is dedicated to all of our Florida customers, including from areas like Miami Gardens and Hialeah. Thus, we encourage you to contact us or visit our dealership to test drive a new 2017 VW Golf hatchback model today!

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2017 Volkswagen Golf Hatchback Exterior Rear View Driving

Performance Review

Volkswagen describes its new 2017 Golf model as being fun to drive, and based on abundant feedback from our customers, we have found this claim to be especially true regarding driving this car on the roads of South Florida. While the new Golf hatchback has 170 horsepower to play with, which is adequate engine power to enable you to skillfully negotiate traffic on the hectic interstates of I-95 and I-195 in the Miami area, the quintessential driving function of the car's 1.8-liter turbocharged engine is zipping around the many urban and suburban environments of our region. Using the hatchback's engine's 184 foot-pounds of torque, your Golf can easily grab firm traction with the road below, even during the Florida rainy season in the late-summertime, making it safe for you to drive in nearly any conditions with a car full of passengers, pets, or cargo items. As for turning, the wide wheel base and low center of gravity of the 2017 VW Golf further enhances the stability and maneuverability of this fun, agile, and economical hatchback vehicle.

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2017 Volkswagen Golf Interior Dashboard as Seen Through Moonroof

Interior Features

We have so far mentioned how the performance capabilities of the new 2017 Volkswagen Golf hatchback are sufficient to allow you to drive this car fluidly even with several passengers or cargo items riding with you. But, there is also the interior cargo capacity of the Golf's interior to discuss as a standalone issue. To start, the native size of the trunk is nothing short of generous regarding the storage space it provides to you. Thus, even with five passengers in the car, your 2017 Golf can still handle several sets of golf clubs, tennis bags, or beach chairs. What if you have a bicycle, drum set, or another unorthodoxly large cargo item to transport? Well, the rear row of seating in the VW Golf folds down in 60-40 split, enabling you to expand your rear trunk space either completely to the back of the front seats or so it takes up an additional one or two rear seats. This customizability in the storage capacities of the Golf hatchback is replicated throughout the vehicle's interior, including with its technology. For example, the digital touchscreen in the instrument panel of the Golf's dashboard can provide you with access to numerous infotainment applications.

2017 Volkswagen Golf Front View Driving and Turning a Corner

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To get a full sense of the interior features of the 2017 Volkswagen Golf along with its exterior design characteristics and the full range of driving capabilities it offers, test drive a new Golf hatchback at Palmetto57 Volkswagen in Miami today. Serving drivers throughout South Florida, including in Miami Gardens and Hialeah, you will find upon arriving at our dealership that our new inventory contains a nearly comprehensive lineup of new VW models for sale or lease. Among this lineup, of course, is an impressive inventory of 2017 Golf models for you to browse today!

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