2017 Florida Worksite Wellness Award

Located off of the corner of Palmetto and 57th Avenue, Palmetto 57 Automotive Group is known for its committed staff and years of experience in providing value and outstanding service to customers both internally and externally. As the only dealership in Florida to win both The Wolfsburg Crest Award and Customer First Club Award, its wellness program is a true illustration of the company's commitment to its employees. The Palmetto wellness program incorporates key components of a comprehensive worksite wellness program such as health risk assessments, biometric and angio screenings, lifestyle and risk factor management, disease management and structural improvements. The program also offers incentives and a reward system to encourage employee participation. In addition to their wellness program, the company has a number of policies and initiatives implemented that assist in the maintenance of their program including a lactation policy, a tobacco free grounds policy, physical activity challenges and injury prevention workshops just to name a few. We will now recognize Palmetto 57 as the 2017 Small Employer Award recipient.
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